The Girl and the Dragon

from by aval!a

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I'm not the proudest of the singing on this, but overall this is one of the tracks I'm proudest of on this album.


.heketa geu che tasheun } che tenO vOruta jatesa hetase.//
.yaso che yeE } avatE lEme non aje kOn } seE alosa.//
Trapped in the forest, the creature was doomed to perish.
Yet the girl, having gentle and large heart, helped it.

("Presi letes-li loqimyer")
("Presi letes-li liberyer ki")
("Please let me sing")
("Please let me free you")

音の無い場所で 竜は静かに眠っている
While smiling under the foliage the girl gives her hand
In a place with no sounds the dragon soundly sleeps

夜空にも聞こえる 蘇る命
そしてここで、眠る竜に 子守歌を歌う
Even in the night sky you can here it; the reviving life
And here, to the sleeping dragon I will sing a lullaby

「痛みを見分ける この悲しい絆から
痛みを忘れて 私はここに居る
どうか私は その絆から君を放つ」
"I recognize your pain from these sorrowful bonds
Just waiting for someone to save you
Forget the pain; I'm here
Somehow I will release you from the bonds"

Presi letes-li loqimyer
Presi libera li de siseu
Presi letes-li loqimyer
Presi letes-li alemse kid hiem
Please let me sing
Please free me from here
Please let me sing
Please let me hear your song

怯えたんだ、少女を傷つけた そして泣いた
Under the foliage the dragon quietly awakens
Frightened, it hurt the girl then cried

夜空にも聞こえる 優しい暖かい命
そしてここで、目覚めた竜に 子守歌を歌う
Even in the night sky you can hear it; the gentle, warm life
And here, to the awakened dragon I will sing a lullaby

Since then the dragon spoke to no one.
Afraid of hurting someone,
It slept again
For twenty years
And then, awakened...

「痛みを見分けた この悲しい絆から
痛みを忘れて 絆から話せた
"I recognized your pain from these sorrowful bonds
Always just sleeping like this, waiting for someone..
Forget your pain; I have freed you from the bonds
Somehow, fly off to some place"

.veE sekeutO tO feE || jena sacha non paweu ye nu.//
.veE avatE che amOra || gajase-feE jena kemEweya.//
I shall dedicate to you: this land and power happily.
I have but one wish: protect this world.


from Kyerav (Part 1), released July 4, 2014
composition, lyrics, vocals: aval!a



all rights reserved


aval!a California

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